Thanks to our readers


Thank you to our readers, Lynette D’Amico, Susan Eisenberg, Anu Bharadwaj, Richard Hoffman and Lenore Myka for sharing such varied and excellent work, and to all who came out to hear them last night. We took a road trip* from midwestern hot dishes and outsized hitchhikers, to Gaza and the apprenticeship of an electrician, to the desolation of a marriage, to remembering a mother long-gone in fiction/non-fiction, first person and third, and finally to a vocabulary lesson in Romanian with the king of the gypsies*. Our mutual efforts raised another $500 for Friends of Writers. Geoff Kronik’s treats and Helen Fremont’s emceeing (and getting the heat cranked up in the old boat house) made for another warm, rich and rewarding experience.

Hope to see you next time: Wednesday, January 6. More on that later.

Tracy Winn

*New Releases: ROAD TRIP by Lynette D’Amico and KING OF THE GYPSIES by Lenore Myka


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