Sign up for P2P!

Hello, New England Warren Wilson Alumni!

We have just completed our inaugural program of peer-to-peer workshops in prose and are planning a new session to run from the beginning of March through early June.

Last spring, many people who attended the pilot of the Unauthorized Eleanor Wilner Reading Series responded with enthusiasm to our question about sharing work, peer-to-peer. Our first group, from all accounts a success, began in October 2016. We had six prose writers, a mix of memoir, a novel and story collections. We are hoping to have groups in prose and poetry this time around and will schedule according to the number of writers who respond.

If you are interested in participating, please respond to Jayne Benjulian at with the following information by Tuesday, March 1st.

* Do you want to participate in the Spring 2017 round of peer-to-peer workshops?

* In which genre will you be working? Poetry, stories, novel, nonfiction (please indicate whether you will be starting out with pieces or a full draft of a manuscript)

*Name, cell phone no., email address, snail mail address.

* Will you need overnight accommodations in order to participate? 



  1. Martha Zweig · · Reply

    I’d like to cyber-connect with anyone else who might want to workshop poetry that way.

    Martha Zweig


  2. Hi Martha! Try contacting Jayne at — she may know of others interested in this as well.


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