Last night and an authorized reading

Thanks to all of you who came out to read and to listen in last night’s challenging weather. If you didn’t make it, you missed enjoying the safe-from-the-storm and warm boathouse, and Geoff Kronik’s beautiful and delicious treats, and Helen Fremont’s generously provided snacks and drinks. We traveled from an awkward, tender and alarming moment in the halls of Stan Yarbro’s fictional Hillcrest Hospital, to a town where animals: bees, ferrets, and Amazonian parrots washed out of the air to die in the town square of Cynthia Gunadi’s imagining, and on to a little restaurant in Hialeah, Florida with Denise Delgado and her character P. whose rag so memorably wiped the crumbs from between booth seats before her water broke, and we finished up thinking about the Charles River flowing fast just below the boathouse veranda, where my poor suffering character swam to put his losses behind him.

So you see from the attempt above, there is no real way to capture the essence of these readings or the pleasure of seeing friends who share the writing habit, unless you come and be part of it. Your next opportunity will be April 6th when our readers will be:

Mary Bonina

Jacquelyn Malone

Gayle Roby

Cammy Thomas

Eleanor Wilner


If someone (Gayle?) would like to bake something to share, Geoff will be traveling.

And if anyone has a spare bedroom for a spare Wally visiting from New York for the nights of Tues, April 5 and Weds April 6, Mark Solomon would appreciate it. Let me know and I will put you in touch with him.

Thank you all for your contributions. We raise about $500 for Friends of Writers each time we get together to hear one another’s work.




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