Thank you and May 18!

Dear New England Wallies,

Thank you to our readers last night for giving us such a varied and rich evening of good words, and especially to Eleanor Wilner for making the trip from Philadelphia to share her work and her inspiring presence, and her fabulous husband, and to authorize the unauthorized. Mary Bonina shared a scene from her novel aptly focused on embouchure; Jacqueline Malone took us from the Marx Brothers to a spring forest in a nursing home closet; Gayle Roby, I swear, grew an iris before our very eyes; Cammy Thomas shared her gratitude for, and the effects of Eleanor’s guidance with a gorgeous alien encounter underwater; and Eleanor polished us off with several poems including this beauty:

We missed those who couldn’t make it, and hope to see you in May for our last of the 2015-2016 series where Jayne Benjulian, Patrick Donnelly, Jen Funk, Leslie Lawrence and Genanne Walsh will share their work.
Tracy and Helen

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