Last night


Thanks to all who came to the boathouse for the season finale of the Unauthorized Eleanor Wilner Reading Series, and special thanks to the generous and talented readers, Jayne Benjulian, Patrick Donnelly, Jen Funk, Leslie Lawrence, and Genanne Walsh (who flew in from the Bay Area, where they are starting a reading community like ours).

Each of these readings brings us closer together, even with the variables of who can attend when) and each feels more celebratory than the last. It is very rewarding for Helen and me to see how generous alums are with their work, and their friendship. Viva the unauthorized!

I will be sending next year’s dates out in June. Until then, gratitudes for the great year we’ve enjoyed with all of you. We hope more of you will be able to attend next year. We are an expanding and welcoming group. (Our girths are expanding, too, thanks to the treats series provided by Geoff Kronik and Gayle Roby and Mary Bonina.)

We look forward to welcoming the new crop of alums graduating in July.

Have a wonderful summer.

Tracy and Helen



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