Another WOW reading!

Thank you to Lynette D’Amico, Susan Eisenberg, Emily Wheeler and Kevin Wheeler for sharing their work last night at the Cambridge Boat House. They brought a rewarding balance of poetry, creative non-fiction and fiction to the evening, and once again, knocked our socks off. When we first came up with the idea of arranging readings similar to the ones that take place at the alum conference, as a way to bring together a community of WWC writers in the New England area, we didn’t anticipate fully how it would play out. Or how very fine the readings would be. I mean we knew they’d be GOOD. We just didn’t know how GREAT. Helen and I are continually astounded by the caliber and variety of work that you all bring to share, and feel very grateful to each of you for coming out and being present for one another — especially in a time when community efforts feel so important. The generosity of you readers and listeners makes this work.

We have a winter hiatus this year as we experiment with skipping the months when it is hardest to heat the boathouse. We won’t be meeting again until March 1, which we are already looking forward to. More on that as the date approaches.

We are making up for the winter absence of events by piling three into the spring. Put these dates on your calendars: 3/1/17, 4/5/17, and 5/3/17. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Oh and by the way, we continue to provide a steady stream of support for scholarships to the MFA program through Friends of Writers. It’s all good.

We will miss you until March,

Helen and Tracy


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