MassPoetry Fundraiser


Hi everyone,

As I mentioned in my reading at the start of December, I’m a big Alan Feldman fan. He sent me the following info:

MassPoetry is having a fundraiser on Monday night, January 30, 7:30 at the Huntington theater.   Tickets are $100, a tax deductible contribution. MassPoetry is the organization which runs the huge poetry festival in Salem each spring, sponsors poets in the schools, poetry in public places (like on T), and in the words of their mission statement builds “new audiences for poetry . . . to make poetry more accessible for those who need it most—often those who have the least access to it.”

If you can’t come, perhaps you’d consider buying one or more tickets anyway for someone you think would enjoy this event, but who might not know about it, or, even if they do, not be able to afford to come?

Click here for the website where you can buy the tax-deductible tickets.

Thanks for considering,

Emily Wheeler

Thank you, Emily! If you have a local event to share, send it our way: