Thanks and next readings

We had a fine turn-out for the impressive readings given by EJ Graff, Sonya Larson, Jackie Malone and Stan Yarbro last night. Thank you, readers, for giving your time to Friends of Writers and for bringing to your writer friends inspiration and a few minutes of respite from the political insanity coloring our days and nights.

With each of these readings, we contribute between $300 and $600 more for scholarships to WWC’s Program for Writers. It adds up.Thank you listeners! If you didn’t remember to make a donation last night, please send it directly to FOW P.O. Box 128, Marshfield, VT 05658.

Thank you for feeding us, Helen. Thank you for spoiling us with baked goods, Gayle Roby.

There are two more boathouse readings this spring. The first is April 5 when we’ll hear from Rose Auslander, Mary Bonina, Geoff Kronik, Cammy Thomas, and with luck, Anu Bharadwaj. On May 3rd, we’ll hear from Helen Fremont, Richard Hoffman, Tracy Winn and with luck, Robert Redick to finish out the ’16-’17 series.

We are looking ahead to lining up dates for next year. Already, we know Kevin McIlvoy and Christine Hale and Martha Rhodes will be traveling to read with us.

We can’t wait to see you again — only a month away.

Tracy and Helen


One comment

  1. Peter Klank · · Reply

    Sorry I missed it! Will aim for next time (it’s just that damn 90 minute drive…)


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