Alumni Conference info


Hi everyone:


Here is a link to the‘s Conference packet:


Please visit the SCHOLARSHIP info if you might be interested, as the deadline to request same is not far off. Likewise, if you would like to spread out your payments by starting with a deposit, you’ll need to do so soon with a paper check sent to Peter in the snail mail: for that, visit the REGISTRATION FORM link.


You can register electronically at:


We will have an easier path to electronic payment shortly, but in the mean time you can “Donate” through Friends; you will need to enter the proper amount from the registration materials, and enter “Conference” in a “Note to seller.” DO NOT PAY AT THE PREMIUM PRICE FOR  WHAT IS ONLY A POSSIBLE ROOM WITH AC. Only a few rooms with AC are available and we won’t know the gender/floor numbers till May; names will be drawn from a hat. Do not assume that an AC unit will be available as you decide whether to attend. If you pay at the AC price and and your name is not drawn, that premium portion of your payment is not refundable, and will be recorded as a donation to FOW. When numbers are known and names drawn, ACers will pay at that time. To pay now (and if you do, please also register electronically through the link above):
and follow “Donate.” Please note that there is a $15 electronic payment fee.


Please, if you’ve never attended, come! You will feel at home within minutes, and can enjoy classes, workshops, caucuses, hanging with other writers (only other writers who went through the same program as you!), writing time, amazing readings every evening or or some or everything or nothing. In other words, it’s like having a residency with all the best and none of the pressure. By the way, you get a private room, three meals per of pretty decent food for a conference, and use of facilities at a beautiful campus where everything but the dorms are air conditioned.


Please make sure your Wally friends know about this — we try to reach through all the media we have, but never manage to contact everyone. And invite a (Wally) friend, make your own mini-reunion.


Any questions? Contact me directly…


Looking forward to seeing you,


Peter Klank
Fiction ’85