Thanks for a superb kick-off reading!


Thanks to all who braved the heat wave to come to the boathouse Wednesday night for first reading of the Fourth Year of the Unauthorized Eleanor Wilner reading series.

Our four readers – Denise Delgado, Jen Funk, Daniel Brock Johnson, and Katherine Rooks – treated us to a dynamite reading that included the following luscious tidbits:

Peter Pan Cuban exiles, three generations of mothers and daughters, “cookies and cartoons,” and “infinite arrival”…

Poems that popped with pleasure; an apple as “the ideal of imperfection” and the observation that “you can learn to bear what you can bear to lift”….

And this: “God breaks the heart again and again and again till it stays open…” while considering car models like the “Chrysler Placenta” and the “Dodge Catheter”…

A husband and wife go to the theatre on their twentieth anniversary and look back on their marriage – “five kids – a little over the top… well, too late now”… and “All these feelings – what to do with them?”

Thanks to Stan Yarbro for helping with organizational and tactical maneuvers, Gayle Roby for clean-up to the bitter end, and to all for coming out to hear some damn fine poetry and prose.

Mark your calendars for the next reading: Wednesday November 15, when we’ll have the following readers:
1.  Patrick Donnelly
2.  Kevin McIlvoy
3.  Cynthia Gunadi
4.  Scott Challener
See you then!