Last Wednesday’s reading

Dear Readers and Writers,

Thank you for the rich and satisfying readings Wednesday night. Scott Challener, Patrick Donnelly, Cynthia Gunadi and Kevin McIlvoy immersed us in their work, which took us from the tangle of darkness at the suburban edge of the wild with Scott’s bold and precise vocabulary to Planet Nine and Cynthia’s moving use of the objective correlative, and a round blue watery world where a polar bear might be your best friend, to Patrick’s funny, acrobatic poems connecting the speaker’s little boy-self to Maria Callas’s life, to land in front of a teller’s window for the longest, most heart-wrenching bank hold-up in history with Mc’s selection from his new book 56 OCTAVES BELOW MIDDLE C.

Eating pizza (thank you, Lynette and Carl) in the boathouse (thank you, Helen) and drinking good stuff (thank you, Helen) and seeing so many enjoying one another’s company, made me feel very fond of the community of brave writers we are. Thank you all for coming from near and far and reminding us about what is important.

The next reading will be December 6th (soon!) and then we will be taking a break for the cold months until March because the boathouse is so leaky. The readers on December 6th are 1. TBA 2. Abby Cahill-O’Brien, 3. Rosalynde Vas Dias 4. Kevin Wheeler.

Best to you all,



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