About the reading series

Doors open at 6pm, followed by 15-minute readings by alumni (or when we’re very lucky, visiting faculty members). Readers and attendees are welcome to invite a few friends or family members, but due to venue arrangements are asked not to make sweeping invitations on social media.

This is a fundraiser/community development project, which means we have two missions. The first is to raise money for scholarships so that more people get help paying for a Warren Wilson MFA. To accomplish that, we will have two ways to donate:

  • There will be a donation box at the door with the suggestion that you give $20.
  • If you would like to pay upfront, you may send a check for $120 (a suggested amount that will work out to about $20 per reading) made out to Friends of Writers. You may mail your check to Tracy Winn at 404 Monument St., Concord, MA 01742. Benefits of this approach include: VIP seating with your drinks and snacks personally served to you by Helen Fremont along with much fanning and doting, special prizes, and not having to worry about bringing your donation each time. (This option also leads to less bookkeeping for us after each reading.)

It is understood that people will give what they can. We expect people who cannot give that much to not give that much, and people who can give more, to give more. If you have any questions, please let us know.

The second mission, which is equally important, is to continue creating a community of New England Wallies who want to meet up and share their work aloud, and hang out to talk about this lonely thing that we spend so much of our lives doing.

As it works with the alumni conference, we expect that people who come to read their work will be there to listen to others read theirs. It would be considered very uncool if you came to read, and then didn’t come to listen to others.

The reading series was created by alums Helen Fremont and Tracy Winn.



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