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The next reading is May 18th!

Hello Everyone! We are delighted to remind you that Jayne Benjulian, Patrick Donnelly, Jennifer Funk, Leslie Lawrence and Genanne Walsh (visiting from SF) will be reading on the Wednesday after next at the Cambridge Boat House. The doors at 2 Gerry’s Landing Rd. will be open at 6 pm for a 7pm reading. A number […]

Thank you and May 18!

Dear New England Wallies, Thank you to our readers last night for giving us such a varied and rich evening of good words, and especially to Eleanor Wilner for making the trip from Philadelphia to share her work and her inspiring presence, and her fabulous husband, and to authorize the unauthorized. Mary Bonina shared a […]

Pizza Before the April 6th Reading!

We’re so excited for our upcoming reading on April 6th, featuring Mary Bonina, Jacquelyn Malone, Gayle Roby, Cammy Thomas and Eleanor Wilner, herself. As it’s an extra special reading, we’ll be opening the Cambridge Boat Club doors early at 5:30 for pizza and time to visit with Eleanor. Please join us! To let us know how much pizza to order, […]

Last night and an authorized reading

Thanks to all of you who came out to read and to listen in last night’s challenging weather. If you didn’t make it, you missed enjoying the safe-from-the-storm and warm boathouse, and Geoff Kronik’s beautiful and delicious treats, and Helen Fremont’s generously provided snacks and drinks. We traveled from an awkward, tender and alarming moment […]

Next reading: February 24th

Dear Wallies (a term which I declare to be inclusive of Goddard graduates), Please come to our next reading in the Unauthorized Eleanor Wilner Series on Wednesday, February 24th at the Cambridge Boat Club. We will open the door at 6 with snacks and drinks ready. If you haven’t been before and would like more details, please email […]

Next reading: January 6th

Hello Friends of Writers, Before we fly down the holiday chute, a reminder that we will be convening January 6th at the Cambridge Boat Club to hear EJ Graff, Naomi Gutman, Lisa van Orman Hadley, Daniel Johnson, and Geoff Kronik read. We have invited Naomi to come from upstate New York with her new work (as part […]

Thanks to our readers

Thank you to our readers, Lynette D’Amico, Susan Eisenberg, Anu Bharadwaj, Richard Hoffman and Lenore Myka for sharing such varied and excellent work, and to all who came out to hear them last night. We took a road trip* from midwestern hot dishes and outsized hitchhikers, to Gaza and the apprenticeship of an electrician, to […]

Next reading: November 19th

Hello Walloons! Our next reading is THURSDAY, November 19, the only Thursday reading scheduled this year. Please come and hear new work from Anu Bharadwaj, Lynette D’Amico, Susan Eisenberg, Richard Hoffman, and Lenore Myka. The doors of the Cambridge Boat Club open at 6, thanks to Helen Fremont. She and Geoff Kronik will be providing delicious snacks and drinks and […]