Are there guidelines for participation in the meetings?

Yes, they are provided here.

May I invite a non-Warren Wilson graduate to participate in the peer-to-peer workshop? My colleague is a fantastic novelist.

No. The peer-to-peer collaboration, like the Alumni Conference and readings, are opportunities for Warren Wilson alumni to deploy their training in writing and reading on behalf of other alumni.

May we meet virtually?

Following the initial meeting, if the group decides to meet virtually on occasion, no problem. However, the point of the New England collaboration is to establish strong connections among area alumni who will commit themselves to each other’s work. To do that, in-person contact is required.

What about holidays & school vacations?

We won’t meet the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas or Passover. No sessions will be scheduled in June, July or August.

May we ask to continue meeting with the same writers after four months?

Yes, but the numbers of participants will determine whether or not that particular request can be honored during a particular session.

What if things are not going well, and I need to whine?

Call the session coordinator.

Are there any other rules?

No. Your peers expect ethical behavior and careful attention to their work. That’s all.

Can the peer-to-peer meetings be organized on the day after the readings so that I only have make one trip to Boston?

Maybe; however, readings occur bi-monthly and workshops every month–therefore, there will be times when there are no readings before the peer-to-peer meetings. Even if we start out matching up reading and meeting dates, it’s likely that there will be some disconnects.