P2P Guidelines

  1. The work of the meetings will follow the protocol of Alumni Conference workshops: Writers present work for reading and discussion each month. Each group will determine how many writers present. Writers read the work to be discussed in advance of the meeting. Peers make tactical and strategic comments on what they’ve read following the WW workshop protocol. Communication between meetings may be extended to ongoing email as appropriate to the inclinations of each group.
  2. Writers interested in working with their peers will be organized in small groups of three to six.
  3. Each writer will be asked to commit to a four-month session of monthly, two-hour meetings.
  4. At the close of the four-month session, collaborators will change up, and new groups will form so that participants will present to and read the work of other writers. There is no obligation for any individual to continue collaborating. Writers may participate in some sessions and not in others, drop in and drop out for any session they like. However, in any single session period, writers must commit to attending for the entire four months.
  5. The initial group meetings may be arranged to take place at an arts center or public library (locations and details to come).
  6. There is no cost involved in the collaborative program other than transportation and housing. (In a related effort, we have a list of Boston area alumni who will offer a night or two of sleeping space for alumni who want to attend the readings and/or the collaborative meetings.)
  7. Following the four-month session, writers will be asked to respond to an email from the coordinator with brief comments on the collaboration and suggestions for the development of the program.