Directions to the readings

Readings are held at the Cambridge Boat House, at 2 Gerry’s Landing Road.

(Please note these directions are for the readings only. P2P workshop groups will meet at a location determined after groups are formed.)

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If you are coming by public transportation, the #73 bus from Harvard Sq. goes down Mt. Auburn St. which will drop you a couple of blocks from the river. To get to the Cambridge Boat Club by car, you MUST NOT try to use your GPS. It will fail you. The building is the small stucco and white building with blue shutters that sits alone just east of the Eliot Bridge over the Charles River in Cambridge.

There is parking next to the boat club or across the highway at the Buckingham Browne & Nichols School gym. The easiest way to get into the parking lot is by coming toward Cambridge from Boston over the Eliot Bridge and taking an immediate right into the parking lot after you cross the bridge. If you are coming from almost any other direction, it is easier if you park in the Buckingham Browne and Nichols School parking lot across the highway and use the walk lights to the boathouse.